CertainTeed Shingles in Rhode Island for All Property Types

Good: Landmark® CertainTeed Shingles Rhode Island Homeowners Choose Frequently

Are you ready to outfit your property with the CertainTeed shingles Rhode Island property owners are choosing over and over again? You've come to the right place!

Discover the perfect blend of beauty and protection with Landmark® shingles offered by RC Roofing in Rhode Island, backed by CertainTeed's industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty.

Features and Benefits

  • Wood Shake Design: Dual-layered for a dimensional look with a wide color array.
  • Quality Certification: Meets tough UL manufacturing standards and has a Class A fire-resistance rating.
  • Algae Resistance: 25-year StreakFighter® warranty against black streaks from algae.

Innovative Technologies

  • QuadraBond: Ensures strong shingle layer adhesion for weather resistance.
  • StreakFighter®: Protects roofs from algae-induced discoloration.
  • CertaSeal: High-grade adhesive for protection against wind and moisture.
  • NailTrak®: Simplifies shingle installation with guided nailing areas.

Warranty and Support

  • Lifetime Warranty: Includes a 10-year SureStart™ warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  • Wind Warranty: 15-year protection against winds up to 110 mph, upgradeable to 130 mph.

Find a roofing solution that promises aesthetic appeal and long-lasting protection, ensuring your home stands tall through the seasons by filling out the quote form now!.

Landmark Shingled Roof
Landmark Pro Shingles

Better: Landmark® PRO Series CertainTeed Shingles

Ready to give your home a vibrant, durable, and tech-savvy roof? RC Roofing brings you the revolutionary Landmark® PRO shingles by CertainTeed, backed by over a century of trusted performance.

  • Vibrant Max Def Colors
    • Discover the vibrant Max Def colors, including the new Espresso, Coastal Blue, and Red Oak, that perfectly mimic true wood shake. Check them out with our trusted contractors!
  • Durability Meets Beauty
    • Enjoy a roof built to last with dual laminated layers, offering peace of mind for years to come.
  • Lifetime-Limited Warranty
    • Rest easy with our lifetime-limited warranty, a testament to our enduring commitment to quality.
  • Top Safety Ratings
    • Benefit from the highest safety standards, including a Class A fire-resistance and UL 2218 Class 3 impact rating.
  • StreakFighter® Technology
    • Keep your roof pristine with our 30-year warranty against algae formation, thanks to StreakFighter® technology.

Get in touch with our crew to explore the vibrant and durable world of Landmark® PRO shingles. Let's build a home that's both beautiful and safe!

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Best: Landmark® Premium CertainTeed Shingles for Rhode  Island Luxury

Are you dreaming of a roof that combines the timeless beauty of wood shakes with the durability of asphalt? Your dream is about to come true with Landmark® Premium CertainTeed shingles in Rhode Island, brought to you by RC Roofing and crafted by the experts at CertainTeed.

Discover the luxury offering from the Landmark asphalt shingle series that promises an aesthetic appeal to match almost any home exterior design and offers peace of mind with an industry-leading product warranty.

High-Contrast Max Def Granule Colors: Experience the vibrant palette that can match almost any home exterior, bringing a touch of luxury to your residence.

QuadraBond Technology: Enjoy a roof that stands tall against wind and weather, maintaining its beauty and performance over time, thanks to the industry's four adhesion points.

StreakFighter® Technology: Say goodbye to unsightly black streaks caused by algae formation. StreakFighter® ensures your roof maintains its beauty and color for years to come.

CertaSeal: Benefits from a high-grade adhesive that remains pliable over time, protecting your roof from wind uplift and moisture infiltration.

NailTrak®:for contractors, this technology ensures speedy and accurate shingle installation, removing all guesswork from the process.

For a safe, comfortable, and stunning home, trust the quality and craftsmanship of Landmark® Premium shingles. Reach out and give your home the premium treatment it deserves.

Landmark Premium Shingles Rhode Island
Even More Premium Options to Choose From!

Grand Manor® Says it All

Grand Manor Roofing Shingles by CertainTeed in Rhode Island

Step up your roofing game with Grand Manor's® exceptional style and grace, perfect for homes with steep slopes. Dive into the future with CertainTeed's advanced roofing technologies. StreakFighter® ensures no more unsightly black streaks, while CertaSeal keeps your shingles intact against wind and weather. Plus, enjoy a lifetime warranty with unparalleled protection. Don't just roof it, Grand Manor it!

Carriage House® Delivers

Carriage House Roofing Shingles in Rhode Island by CertainTeed

Carriage House shingles: where timeless architecture meets modern innovation. Crafted to mimic the unique look of scalloped-edge natural slate, these luxury shingles elevate any roofline. Dive deep into CertainTeed's cutting-edge technologies, with StreakFighter® ensuring your roof remains streak-free and CertaSeal providing unmatched protection against the elements. Experience roofing redefined, and let Carriage House be the crown jewel of your home.

commercial low slope roofing in Rhode Island with CertainTeed products

Commercial Low Slope & Flat Applications by CertainTeed

Looking for a roofing solution that is both innovative and efficient? RC Roofing has got you covered with commercial low-slope roofing, ideal for various buildings, including retail spaces and apartment complexes.

  • Defined Slope: Less than 3 inches of incline per foot, ensuring proper water runoff and preventing water stagnation on the roof.
  • Efficient Drainage: Utilizes a smart drainage system with interior and exterior drains, guided by elements like crickets and saddles, to channel water away effectively.
  • Customization: Offering thousands of configurations to meet your needs, including compliance with energy-saving standards through innovative CertainTeed products.
  • Expertise: Our professional roofing contractors guide you in selecting the perfect roofing system, backed by Gold and Silver Star Contractor programs ensuring high-standard workmanship.
  • Reliable Warranties: Enjoy peace of mind with exclusive warranties available, promising manufacturer-backed maintenance and upkeep.

Contact us for a durable, efficient, tailored roofing solution backed by excellent guarantees!


Endless Color Options! Find What Coordinates Best With Your Property

When it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your property, the color of your roof plays a pivotal role. Each of these Landmark® shingles by CertainTeed offers a rich palette of high-contrast Max Def granule colors that can beautifully coordinate with various home exteriors.

Whether you prefer a classic or a contemporary look, you have a wide array of color options, allowing you to find the perfect match for your property. Moreover, the dual-layered design of these shingles not only adds a dimensional depth to the roof but also emulates the natural beauty of wood shake, bringing a touch of elegance to your home.

Make your home a landmark of beauty with the vibrant and endless color options available with Landmark® shingles today.



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