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It can be tough locating a Rhode Island roofer that actually has your best interest at hand. However, when you choose RC Roofing, you can have all the peace of mind in the world. We're here for you.

Whether you need a FREE roof inspection or a new roof construction, our contractors are primed and ready to get the job done right the first time. We're in your neck of the woods!

When you're in our local service areas, you're in luck. Why? Because RC Roofing offers the most competitive roofing rates in RI. Call us now to schedule.

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RC Roofing's Convenient Rhode Island Service Areas

Barrington, RI

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We enjoy serving the roofing needs of residential and commercial customers in Barrington, RI. From rapid installation and replacement, there's no job that's too complex for our crew of dedicated roofers. Do you have an issue that is after hours? No problem!

We're available for emergency services, too. Don't forget that you'll receive a FREE estimate before every new project. We hope to hear from you soon.

Providence, RI

Roofing in Providence, RI, has never been better! Our contractors have the roofing materials you've always wanted, ranging from traditional asphalt shingles to quaint cedar shakes. But did you know that we specialize in commercial roofing materials?

Ask us about TPO/EPDM rubber roofing systems for flat-top industrial roofs. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Cranston, RI

Are you tired of roof leaks, shingles in your yard after every storm, and other issues going on that you can't explain? Our Cranston, Rhode Island roofers have a solution. First, we'll carry out a completely FREE and no-strings-attached inspection so we can determine the underlying cause of the problem.

Then, we'll hook you up with a fair and affordable estimate. We also offer roof replacement, new construction, solar services, and installation.

Warwick, RI

It's a great day anytime we work with the wonderful people of Warwick, RI. Our roofing services are designed to make life easier and more affordable for our customers. That means when you have late-night damage to your roof, our crew will answer the call of duty ASAP.

How about your commercial roofing system? Does it need an inspection? No problem! You can schedule an appointment with us via our convenient online contact form for roofing in Warwick RI.

Pawtucket, RI

Have you been looking for roofing in Pawtucket, RI, without any luck? But, the tides are about to change. RC Roofing has been in business since 2008, and with close to fifteen years under our belt, you can trust our expertise. We gladly service residential, commercial, and industrial contracts.

Would you like to get a FREE inspection with our contractors today? Please call or email our staff to schedule an appointment. (We keep your personal info private.) You'll be glad that you did!

Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island, is a great place to live, work, and play. The architecture in this corner of the world is nothing less than stunning. That's why RC Roofing is dedicated to keeping the building looking stellar through professional roofing services.

We offer replacement, installation, new building construction, and no-charge inspections. You'll receive a complementary quote when you schedule an appointment with our contractors for roofing in Newport RI.

East Providence, RI

Absolutely, it can! At RC Roofing, we ensure what we do is exactly what it's meant for. It's something that we keep in the forefront every time we step onto a projector roofing in East Providence. Did you realize that quick, professional intervention in fixing your roof can significantly save on costs? It is pivotal because damages on the roof will eventually escalate to structural failures, particularly when they involve moisture infiltration.

We stand ready to meticulously scrutinize every inch of your roof, analyzing all integral components to come up with the perfect strategy for your home or business requiring roofing in East Providence, Rhode Island. Make the wise choice; let us help you preserve your property while reducing potential high-cost expenditures in the future.

Woonsocket, RI

Discovering issues surrounding your roofing in Woonsocket, RI, at your home can indeed be a distressing experience, but there is a silver lining: our team of dedicated contractors is here to address and rectify any roofing concerns you may have. Whether it’s a minor fix or a full replacement that’s in order, you can count on us to provide an honest, straightforward assessment.

We stand firmly against recommending unnecessary repairs, a commitment that showcases our unyielding dedication to integrity. Paired with our competitive pricing, our promise to you is service grounded in honesty and affordability. Experience winning roofing solutions in Woonsocket with a team that values both your trust and your hard-earned money.

Cumberland, RI

Venturing even beyond state lines to cater to your roofing needs in Cumberland, Rhode Island, we uphold the belief that everyone deserves access to premium roofing solutions. If it entails spending a few extra hours on the road, we are more than happy to undertake that journey.

RC Roofing operates with full licensure and insurance, guaranteeing you peace of mind with a decade-long warranty on all the services rendered. Whether you're eyeing a new roof installation or regular maintenance in Cumberland, we're just a phone call away. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for roofing in Cumberland that combines quality and competitive pricing seamlessly.

Coventry, RI

Every day is a fantastic day when we have the opportunity to serve the remarkable community with roofing in Coventry, RI. Tailored to offer convenience and affordability, our roofing services are committed to alleviating your worries promptly, even if damage strikes in the late hours.

Got concerns about your commercial roofing system? Need a professional inspection? We have got you covered! Scheduling an appointment with us is as easy as filling out our user-friendly online contact form for a service that meets your needs swiftly and efficiently, encapsulating the true spirit of Coventry, RI.

Middletown, RI

There's nothing worse than discovering your roof in Middletown, RI, has problems. The great news is we're a crew of contractors that can fix them. Should your roof require replacing, you can trust us to be upfront and honest about it.

We'll never encourage senseless roofing services, and that's a promise. We're a company that operates on a solid ground of integrity and rock-bottom prices.

Bristol, RI

We travel all around the state to do our roofing in Bristol, Rhode Island, too! We believe that everyone should have access to quality roofing services, and if that means a little extra time on the road, we're willing and eager to make it happen.

RC Roofing is fully licensed and insured and offers 10-year warranties on all services provided. If you need a roof installation or roof replacement in Bristol, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Johnston, RI

Can you get more than roofing in Johnston? Yes! With RC Roofing taking charge, it becomes a certainty in every project we undertake. Are you aware that by opting for timely and professional intervention in addressing your roofing concerns, you can significantly avert substantial expenses? It is crucial, given that roofing damages can swiftly spiral into major structural issues, notably when water is a factor.

We are at your beck and call to meticulously inspect every facet of your roof, conducting a detailed analysis of all essential elements to craft the optimal blueprint for your establishment. Choose prudently; entrust us with safeguarding your property while mitigating potential hefty costs down the line.

Warren, RI

warren service area

RC Roofing provides top-quality roofing services in Warren, RI. Our experienced team has 15+ years serving the area. We offer roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance for all types like asphalt, metal, slate. For replacements, we tear off old roofing and replace any rotted wood before installing new shingles or roofing material. We properly flash vents, skylights to prevent leaks.

For repairs, no job is too small - we can fix minor issues like curled shingles, damaged gutters. We also provide maintenance like cleaning gutters, sealing cracks, checking for wear. Regular maintenance extends roof life.

Contact RC Roofing for a free inspection or estimate. We provide emergency repairs and work within your budget. Our expertise gives you peace of mind.

Riverside, RI

riverside service area

For many years, RC Roofing has been the top name in for homeowners needing roofing in Riverside, RI. Our roofers are fully licensed, insured, and experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial roofing. We are committed to providing excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction.

We offer comprehensive roofing solutions, including inspections, maintenance, repairs, and complete tear-offs and replacements.

We take great pride in our neat, clean process so that your yard is left just as we found it. Our team pays close attention to details like proper waterproofing, ventilation, and durable materials that stand up to New England weather. 

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