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In Coventry, RI, roofing services are more than just a service; it's an art. At RC Roofing, we've mastered this art, providing residents with top-tier roofing services that stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and affordability has made us the go-to choice for countless homeowners and businesses in the area.

With decades of experience, you can rest assured that we use the most efficient methods and most reliable materials. All of our work is covered by warranty both from the manufacturer and from us. We go above and beyond to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the results.

There's no stress and no pressure. Whatever your roof needs, give us a call. We will discuss all of your options and provide you with a FREE quote!

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"Richard and his team did an amazing job on our roof in Pawtuxet Village. Richards team completely replaced my roof in one day! Richards team was incredibly professional and did an excellent job cleaning up at the end of the day. Would highly recommend."
- Andrew Kelly
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Get Your Roofing Services Completed By the Experts

In the heart of Coventry, RI, roofing is not just a task; it's a commitment to excellence. At RC Roofing, we've set a gold standard in the industry, consistently going above and beyond to deliver unparalleled results. Our reputation is built on the foundation of trust, quality, and dedication.

Our team of qualified contractors is the backbone of our success. Each member has been meticulously selected based on their expertise, craftsmanship, and passion for the job. With years of hands-on experience under their belts, they bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, ensuring that each task, big or small, is executed flawlessly.

Attention to Detail: We believe that the devil is in the details. From selecting the right materials to ensuring the correct installation techniques, our team pays meticulous attention to every aspect of the job. This precision ensures longevity and durability in our work.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every property is unique, and so are its roofing needs. Whether you're looking for a simple repair or a complete roof overhaul, we tailor our services to match your specific requirements, ensuring optimal results.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: To complement our team's skills, we equip them with the latest tools and technology. This combination of expertise and advanced equipment ensures that we can tackle even the most challenging roofing issues with ease.

Transparent Communication: We believe in keeping our clients in the loop. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we ensure transparent communication, updating you at every step and addressing any concerns you might have.

Safety First: Roofing can be a hazardous job, but with RC Roofing, safety is never compromised. Our team adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring that every project is completed without any mishaps.

When you choose RC Roofing in Coventry, RI, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our unmatched professionalism, ensures that your roofing needs are in the best hands.


More Than Roofing in Coventry

Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections are crucial for detecting potential issues before they escalate. Our team conducts thorough checks, identifying and addressing any concerns promptly.

Roofing Materials

We believe in offering the best to our clients. That's why we provide a diverse range of roofing materials, from traditional shingles to energy-efficient metal roofs, ensuring you get the perfect fit.

Solar Options

Embrace the future with our solar roofing solutions. Not only do they help reduce your energy bills, but they also contribute to a greener planet.
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What Makes RC Roofing the BEST in Coventry, Rhode Island?

Locally Owned

As a local business, we understand the unique challenges and needs for roofing in Coventry. Our deep-rooted community ties make us the preferred choice for all roofing needs.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Your peace of mind is our top priority. That's why we're fully licensed and insured, ensuring that every project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Qualified Contractors

Our team comprises some of the best in the business. Trained, experienced, and dedicated, our contractors ensure that every roofing project is a success.
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