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Custom Commercial Solar Panels Rhode Island - Your Business is Going Green!

Are you ready to take your commercial business toward sustainable, renewable energy? If so, commercial solar panels RI is the perfect place to start. Our contractors are highly trained and skilled individuals who know exactly what your commercial property needs. We'll outfit you with the ideal solar system setup so you can begin reaping the benefits of renewable energy ASAP.

We'll start with a FREE consultation where all of your solar questions and concerns are addressed, including cost and timeframes. Don't worry! The consultation comes with no commitment on your part. Our job is to make your switch to commercial solar systems seamless. We're excited to make your commercial business a greener, cleaner establishment.

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Why Should You Choose Solar Electricity for Your Business?

By installing an industrial solar system in Rhode Island, you're helping to improve the environment. Often commercial buildings soak up a lot of energy from the electrical grid, which can be problematic. The great news is that going green with solar energy significantly lowers your company's carbon footprint. Check out some of the benefits solar sends your way:

  • A significant reduction in operating costs is the #1 reason most business owners go solar. As a result, your overhead costs dramatically decrease, which leaves you with a more significant bottom line at the end of the year.
  • Solar energy is resilient and sustainable. Should there be a power outage associated with the grid, your plant or commercial business can continue using solar panels and banked energy in batteries.
  • Does your company have an ESG score? Perhaps you're interested in seeing the number increase. There are definitely incentives for doing so. By opting to utilize solar energy, you watch your ESG numbers elevate.

We hope you'll consider these incentives and realize the optimistic impact of solar panels for commercial buildings. Do you have questions or concerns? We'd love to discuss them with you. Please use the online contact form to reach us at your earliest convenience.

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Why Commercial Solar Systems are the Future

We understand that stepping back from the grid is a big decision. However, there are many incentives to install agricultural solar panels in Rhode Island or commercial panels for your business. Several states and federal incentive programs and tax rebates are available for industrial solar utilization. The local government also has programs specifically designed for commercial solar users.

Have you heard of net metering? Net metering is a program available to all solar panel recipients. It involves the installation of solar batteries that bank excess power. You can either keep the power stores or sell them to the local electricity company and receive payment. For commercial property owners, this can equal quite a significant payday.

In addition, since the signing of the Inflation reduction Act, all solar users are entitled to a 30% tax rebate until 2034. That's really exciting! Isn't it time you go solar today? We want you to reap the benefits of every commercial solar program available, and some of them have limited funds and time constraints. Make sure you don't miss out on solar in Rhode Island!

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RI's Trusted Company Providing Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

RC Roofing is dedicated to top-rated commercial solar services. Since 2008, we've been repairing, replacing, and building new roofing systems. We realized how vital solar energy is to preserving the environment and began incorporating it into our services. We gladly install solar panels on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties.

Together, we can positively impact the environment by utilizing sustainable energy. Are you ready to learn more about solar options for your commercial business? We look forward to your FREE consultation, where our solar gurus will explain everything.



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As a professional roofing company in RI, we're dedicated to giving residential and commercial customers everything they need for a secure system overhead. We offer roof repair, replacement, and FREE inspections as well as solar panel installation for your convenience. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a zero-cost quote.

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