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Solar power is quickly sweeping across Rhode Island, and many homeowners are taking advantage of all it has to offer. The great new sis RC Roofing specializes in solar panels RI. Using the best materials and methods in the industry, our solar team designs and installs panels for residential properties.

We're there to see the project through from start to finish, and that includes activation and maintenance. Imagine no longer having to depend solely on the grid and all the money you can save by going solar. Not only that, but you'll be lowering your carbon footprint and helping to create a brighter future for future generations.

Our top priority is to help you achieve those things, plus much more, by opting for secure, stable solar panels. Now, you might be wondering how to start your solar journey. It's simple! Please give us a call and set up an appointment for a commitment-free consultation.

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What are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

We're thrilled that you asked! The benefits of installing solar panels for home use in Rhode Island are mounting. We cannot stress enough how satisfied our current customers are with the results. So let's take a look at some of the perks of going solar:

  • Cost Savings - You'll see lower overall electricity consumption in your home. However, you can opt to be still connected to the grid and use solar as supplemental energy. By doing so, your utility bills will be significantly lower.
  • Increased Home Value - Do you know that you can increase the value of your home by installing solar panels? That can be particularly enticing when you want to sell your property.
  • Solar is Available Everywhere - It doesn't matter which part of RI you live in; your solar system will work. The sun is present everywhere, unlike fossil fuels and nuclear power.
  • Positive Environmental Impacts - By transitioning to solar panels, you are taking a step in the right direction for greener, cleaner living. Solar power is a sustainable, renewable energy source.

Are you curious about solar energy and how it works? Perhaps you have questions about panel design and installation. Then, we encourage you to take a look at our thoughtful blog page, that's brimming with easy-to-understand solar information.

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We're One of the Best Solar Companies in Rhode Island

Do you realize that we offer the best solar panels in Rhode Island? Our company, RC Roofing, works with manufacturers all over the USA that creates top-notch solar panels and complementing components like racking devices, inverters, and mounts. After a thorough survey of your home's roof and the location of your property, our specialists will develop a plan that suits your needs.

Not all solar panels are the same, and neither is how they are mounted. Don't worry! We're experts in our field and know what to look for. After all, we've been installing solar panels for quite some time. Another reason to choose solar is the state and federal incentive programs.

Some grants can ultimately pay for your solar panel design and installation. We'll help you apply for the programs you qualify for. Since the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, all solar users will receive a 30% tax rebate until 2034. How exciting!

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Taking Care of All Your Residential Solar Panel Needs in RI!

RC Roofing is an independent solar panel installer located in Rhode Island. We've been in business for over a decade and look forward to many more years of helping residential customers achieve their renewable energy goals. We'll help you become less dependent on the grid and eventually fire your electric company!

Have you ever heard of net metering? The program allows the local electric company to buy back your excess solar power banked in batteries. So not only do you save money with a solar energy system, but you can also make it! We can't wait to tell you more about solar panel installation and how it can improve your life. Please contact us when you're ready to chat about cancelling your electricity bills and receiving a 30% federal tax credit on solar in Rhode Island.



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We're a company that loves repairing, replacing, and building new roofing systems for residential and commercial customers. We only use high quality materials that are made to last as well as backed by long-standing warranties. You can also depend on us as your local solar system installer. We hope to serve you soon and install solar panels!

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