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Are you tired of depending on the collective energy grid and want to embark on a greener lifestyle? Turning to our company for professional solar panel design in Rhode Island is a great way to get started. Going solar significantly lowers your carbon footprint and allows your loved ones a brighter, healthier future. Not only will you be making your home more energy efficient, but you'll also be positively impacting the local community.

Since 2008, our company has been guiding thousands of people on their switch from fossil fuel electricity to sun power. It's been a wonderful journey. We hope you'll choose to join us. Sure, it may seem overwhelming at first, but please know our team is with you every step of the way.

First, we'll meet with you for an initial consultation, which is FREE, and survey your property to see which solar panel design and mounting structures work best. You'll also get to ask us lots of questions to learn all there is to know about solar power. In the meantime, we encourage you to venture over to our blog, where you'll find many incredible facts and nuggets about solar panels and how they can transform your life.

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Why Should You Consider Solar Panel Design?

Turning to solar panels is a wonderful idea for residential and commercial customers. We even have agricultural clients who absolutely love solar energy on their farms. Although there are hundreds of reasons to go solar in RI, we'd like to share the most essential with you:

  • Renewable Energy Source - Unlike fossil fuel and nuclear energy, solar power is sustainable. It renews itself every single second and is impossible to deplete. As a result, using solar power is much better for the planet.
  • Decreases Energy Costs - Have you noticed your utility bills increasing year by year? There's a way to stop the cycle and keep more money in your pocket, and it's called solar panel design! You may even have your electric company paying you...more on that later.
  • Energy Independence - Your home can be 100% reliant on solar energy, especially when supplemented with solar batteries. But wouldn't it be great to live off-grid?
  • Increase Home Value - When solar panels are installed, your home's value instantly increases, making it a higher selling price should you want to list it on the market.
  • Benefits the Community - Going back to your utility company paying you... Net Metering is a program that allows you to sell excess solar energy to an electric company. By doing so, you are helping to lower energy rates for people in your local area.

Our team would love to speak with you further about the benefits of solar panel design and installation. You can reach us by calling the office or filling out the online contact form above.

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What Does a Solar Design Entail?

Solar system design in Rhode Island is a big undertaking, but with the right companion on your side, there should be no problems. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to fit every customer with the perfect solar panel design. There are basic solar panel designs to more elaborate structures.

It all depends on what you want to achieve from using solar power. For example, a residential homeowner who does not wish to disconnect from the grid fully would often get a partial solar panel system installation. Our commercial and industrial customers are obviously going to need many more materials and a system that can handle their needs.

Our contractors will review everything with you during your no-cost consultation, including professional recommendations. Do you know incredible incentives and tax rebates are involved with going solar? When you switch to solar, you'll receive a 30% tax credit until 2034. That means you get to pocket 30% of the cost you paid for your solar system!

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Choose Us for Solar Array Design

RC Roofing is your one-stop-shop for all things roof repair and solar. We decided to add solar services to our lineup of offerings when we saw how much good they could do for the RI community. We aim to help anyone who wants to live a greener lifestyle meet their goals.

Moving forward with solar panel design is a big decision, but we're really proud of you for making it. Our crew is efficient, hardworking, and overjoyed to work with homeowners, business owners, and farmers who want to do things differently. Switching to solar with the right team on your side can be incredibly rewarding.

You'll be well taken care of from start to finish. Do you know that we provide all maintenance and upgrades to your solar panels for the life of the system? When we say we're on your side, we mean it! Together we can preserve the environment through solar-generated energy. See why our customers choose us on our reviews page!



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"Richard and his team did an amazing job on our roof in Pawtuxet Village. Richards team completely replaced my roof in one day! Richards team was incredibly professional and did an excellent job cleaning up at the end of the day. Would highly recommend."
- Andrew Kelly

What Our Skilled Contractors Have to Offer:

RC Roofing offers affordable roof repair, replacement, new construction, and FREE inspections for residential and commercial customers. We also offer complete solar services and provide counseling on all incentive programs you may qualify for. Please get in touch with us now to set up an appointment. Do you have a roofing emergency? We're available 24 hours a day to help!

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