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Exceptional Solar Panel Installation Rhode Island

Have you been thinking about going solar for some time? It's a big decision for sure. That's why our skilled and thoughtful team is here to help bring you the facts. Since 2008 our roofing company has been in the solar panel installation for Rhode Island homes and business. We've honed our skills and knowledge of the solar sector over the years so that we can benefit residential, commercial, and agricultural customers.

Our company, RC Roofing, and its contractors are fully licensed, insured, and certified to apply solar solutions in your local RI neighborhood. Today, we'd like to hear from you and give you a FREE solar consultation and estimate. There are absolutely no strings attached. Are you ready to chat? Please give us a call at your earliest convenience!

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What are the Top Benefits of Switching to Solar Panels?

Acclimating solar energy installation in RI into your life comes with many perks that positively impact your personal life and the community around you. How about we talk about some of them now?

  • You'll quickly begin seeing decreases in energy and utility bills. You may even eliminate them altogether!
  • Do you like earning tax credits and rebates? Because you'll get plenty by going solar!
  • By installing solar panels on your home property, you're significantly increasing its resale value by leaps and bounds.
  • Have you wanted to live a greener lifestyle but aren't sure how to get started? Solar installation is an excellent stepping stone for yourself and the local environment.
  • You can earn money by going solar. How? Through a phenomenal program called Net metering.

Everything about solar panels and their design is fascinating. There's so much to be discovered about solar power! Have you checked out our informative blog page? You should!

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This is a Great Year for RI Solar Panel Installation!

Do you know that solar system installation in Rhode Island is chock-full of incentives? Not only will you be lowering your carbon footprint and leaving a better planet for future generations, but you'll save money! The state and federal governments have carved out numerous pathways for residential and commercial solar seekers to have their systems designed and installed for a seriously low cost!

In addition, our contractors will help you find solar programs you're eligible for based on income and location. Thanks to the federal tax credit, you'll also receive a 30% tax credit until 2034. How incentivizing is that? There's one caveat, and that is time is of the essence.

Some of these programs are disappearing at the end of the year, and we don't know whether they'll be renewed. Others will conclude when funding is depleted. So, getting on the solar wagon today is best, so you don't miss out on these incredible opportunities.

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Looking for Top-Rated Solar Companies? You've Found Us!

RC Roofing is a multi-faceted company that designs and builds incredible roofing systems and solar services. Our contractors will survey your property and the surrounding land to create the perfect solar system for your needs. We gladly serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers, including farmers. It's incredible how solar energy can improve the quality of your life and business. Won't you invest in your future today by choosing a renewable energy source? We look forward to helping you on your journey to a cleaner, greener society.



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When it comes to solar installation services and roofing you've come to the right place! Our company is dedicated to both. Turn to our experts for all of your residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, and new construction needs. We're affordable, licensed, and eager to get the job done right. The same goes for solar panel systems and installation. Call us now!

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